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Charity in Action


Between 8:30 pm to 9:30 pm on 31 March, China Vanke’s residential communities across China participated in “Earth Hour”- Lights Off Activity. Such was a prelude to a 10-week carbon emission reduction campaign in each of China Vanke’s residential community. On 31 March, a total of 2,260 children from China Vanke’s residential communities registered to be “Earth Guardians”, volunteering to promote carbon emission reduction throughout the community. China Vanke’s official website launched the “Dream Log Book”. The community residents can log on to the “Dream Log Book”, set their own carbon emission reduction targets and start keeping records of their daily carbon emission so as to reduce their carbon footprint.


Mr Wang Shi also joined the carbon emission reduction campaign through a video message he recorded in Boston, US, for the “Earth Hour” activities held in China Vanke’s residential communities nationwide. Vanke Charity Fund has been a sponsor for WWF’s “Earth Hour” in China for two consecutive years. Nearly a million residents in 219 China Vanke development communities across 33 cities had participated in this year’s “Earth Hour”.
For more details, please refer to China Vanke TV’s “Earth Hour” special report.

In the evening of 20 March, the promoter’s meeting of Shenzhen Mangrove Conservation Fund (in progress) was held in Shenzhen. During the meeting, the first council for the fund, comprising 11 directors and 2 supervisors, was elected. Mr Wang Shi, chairman of the board of China Vanke, was elected as a director and was nominated as co-chairman of the council.

The objective of the fund is to promote the conservation of mangrove resources along the coastline and wetland ecosystem of South China, with its base established in the mangrove reserve in Futian District of Shenzhen. Over 30 celebrities including Mr Ma Weihua of China Merchants Bank, Mr Li Dongsheng of TCL and his wife Ms Wei Xue, Mr Ma Huateng of Tencent, Mr Huang Yanglue of Shenzhen Special Zone Daily, as well as representative from WWF, the Alxa SEE Ecological Association and other international charity foundations are involved in the preparation for the fund. The fund is now applying to the Shenzhen municipal government for the qualification as a local public foundation.
Please click Vanke TV for related video clips.

Commitment and Action

On 12 March, China Vanke submitted to Shenzhen Stock Exchange its 2011 corporate social responsibility report, which outlined the Company’s efforts and achievements in ensuring sustainable operation, social and environment development. The data indicated that China Vanke has diligently performed its duties in respect of operation, social and environment development by being a leader in green construction. Moreover, the Company has facilitated the involvement of stakeholders including 3,400 suppliers, 53 non-profit-making organisations and 370,000 home owners in environmental protection, community and charity work and social development activities. By doing so, the Company ensures that the beneficial interests of those at the end of the supply chain and the grassroots are safeguarded. The complete text of the report can be downloaded from China Vanke’s website.

China Vanke has made the following commitments in respect of environment protection for the year 2012:
Floor area qualifying for Three-Star green building certification commencing construction reaches 2.8 million sq m
Floor area of prefabricated residential projects commencing construction reaches 2.73 million sq m
200 residential communities of China Vanke will adopt waste separation system
On 29 March 2012, the signing ceremony for the Green Building Technology Alliance for China Vanke’s Beijing Green Building Park took place in China National Convention Centre in Beijing. The alliance was formed among 14 internationally and domestically renowned research establishments and enterprises including
China Vanke, UK Building Research Establishment (BRE), China Green Building Council, Fraunhofer-Instituts für Bauphysik of Germany and Centre Scientifique et Technique du Batiment of France.
The Beijing Green Building Park will be located in Fangshan district, southwest of Beijing. Upon completion, the project will become the world’s largest eco-friendly building park, comprising a green park, research and development centre and incubation centre. Mr Qiu Baoxing, vice minister of Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development, met with the representatives of the alliance partners and expressed his approval of China Vanke’s establishment of a platform for demonstrating green buildings.

Dissemination and Exchange

On 17 March, in celebrating the 40th anniversary of the normalization of diplomatic relations between China and Japan, Mr Tadao Ando, the legendary architect, gave a talk on “Asian Era” in Shanghai, while promoting environmental
protection. After the talk, Mr Wang Shi, China Vanke’s Chairman, Mr Yao Ming, Shanghai Oriental Basketball Club’s investor, and Mr Tadao Ando began a discussion on “Pursuit of dreams when young”, sharing their experience in the pursuit of dreams in different stages of life. To the young audience, Mr Wang Shi said: “How to properly utilize your resources, once your dream comes true? Greater power comes with greater responsibility.”
Click China Vanke TV to view the talk.

Community Stories

On 20 February, China Vanke’s Wuhan “City Garden” established the first community mail room in Wuhan Province. “Fortune Depot” (formerly known as “Commune Depot”) provides services to more than 3,000 families. Run by the property management staff of the residential community, Fortune Depot serves 200 residents on average per day, starting with mail receiving, and later expanding to provide one-stop services, including mail forwarding, newspaper

and magazine subscription service, mobile phone and fixed line top-up service, water bills collection service and flight booking services. Fortune Depot was spun off from the Service Centre, to overcome constraints of property management hotline and service venue, by offering professional services through efficient workflow in a virtual shop. This approach can effectively solve the bottleneck of “last mile delivery”.
“Fortune Depot” is the latest type of service launched by China Vanke Property Management Co., Ltd. in all of the Company’s residential projects across the country. With a physical presence, Fortune Depot provides home owners of China Vanke developments with one-stop housekeeping services, ranging from leasing and sale of properties, ticketing service, water and electricity bills paying service, organizing group purchase to domestic services. The comprehensive range of services allows the residents to have various aspects of their daily life taken care of without leaving the community.

Project Progress

As at the end of March 2012, the “Bless the Children Project” has provided financial aid to 96 orphans and poor children with congenital heart disease to get free surgery during the year. During the 33 months after the launch of the “Bless the Children Project”, a total of 1,725 children have been treated.
During the 10 months after the launch of the “Spring Operation”, a total of RMB1,194,190 of financial aid had been awarded to 74 casual labours with serious illness and/or to pay for their children’s education fees.

Donation Amount

Donation accepted Donation to External Parties
Donation accepted amounted to RMB1,468,100
as at the end of March 2012
Donation to external parties amounted to RMB1,261,112
as at the end of March 2012.
Accepted donation of RMB100,000 from staff of
China Vanke’s headquarters
Designated donation of RMB50,000 to the Environmental
Research Institute of Friends of Nature Beijing
  A subsidy of RMB82,000 to Shanghai Cherished Dream

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Vanke Corporate Citizenship Office: established in 2007, the Office is directly responsible for the development of corporate citizenship plan and supervising its implementation to promote the fulfilment of corporate social responsibility at Group level and provide assistance and support to other organizations.

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