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[Dongguan] Songshan Lake

Date: 2011.03.23    Publisher: vanke
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Songshan Lake National Hightech Indus t r ial Development Zone, which covers an area of 72 square kilometers, is an industrial transformation and upgrading section in Dongguan, or even in Pearl River Delta region. With the frequent visits of national leaders and positive policies, the Songshan Lake Zone ushered in a huge and sustained high growth of economy. Located in the heart of Pearl River Delta, with scarce natural landscape resources, world-class facilities and intensive human intelligence circle, Songshan Lake Zone therefore is labeled with the tag of "Silicon Valley of China". In psychology, the result of tagging a "label" often makes it develop towards the direction of the metaphor. However, under such great reputation, the development pattern of "Silicon Valley" in special period of intense transition in China is added with complexity, ambiguity, contradiction, confusion, diversity and openness. In the area of Songshan Lake which is precious and relatively empty, urban culture and texture are in the process of growing and shaping, which create opportunities for our reflective practice.

Vanke-Rainbow creek Noah project is located in the heart of the Zone, around an water area of 8 square kilometers of Songshan Lake, the Rainbow creek Noah project is the only residential project which is near lake. Next to Song Lake misty rain, the head of Eight Scenes, the project has 3 kilometers of private lake shoreline which connects 22 kilometers of International Cycling track around the lake. In a region of knowledge parvenus who hold the right to speak, Vanke real estate proposes our designers with the topic of "a new luxury mansion benchmark for the Pearl River Delta".

Pl anning of mans ion wi th a standpoint :Old elite culture of ego-centricity determines the sole and f ixed pattern of mansion: villa as the product to reflect maximization occupation of scarce land resources, including tangible or intangible resources, such as sun and air. But under an enormous pressure of high-density of plot ratio, a carpetlike layout will cause great damage to the terrain and vegetation. After careful comparative studies, we proposed a solution which takes into account the balance: the layout of urban road side is high-rise yet low-density, in the mean time it solves the problem of volumn and view. City skyline control of gradual transition to lower natural interface; landscape extending along the lake shoreline, strict control of building height, the use of high-density villa as a product, and various types of architecture all create a miniature city which is polybasic and vibrant.

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