China Vanke Co. Founded in 1984.

China Vanke Co., Ltd. has become a leading real estate company in China since it stepped into the housing market over thirty years ago in 1988, with its main business being real estate development and property service. Adopting the strategy of focusing on city clusters, Vanke has covered 66 cities in mainland China by the end of 2015, mainly in the Pearl River Delta centered on cities of Guangzhou and Shenzhen, the Yangtze River Delta centered on Shanghai, the Bohai Rim Region centered on Beijing, and the Chengdu Region which covers major cities in Midwest China. Since 2013, Vanke made its attempts to invest overseas. It has now been involved in Dozens of real estate development projects in Hong Kong, Singapore, San Francisco, New York City and London. Its sales volume in 2015 amounted to RMB261.47 billion with a year-on-year growth of 14.3% for 20.671 million square meters with a year on year growth of 20.7%, making it an industry leader globally in terms of sales performance. It also witnessed an increase of national market share to 3%. Vanke delivers its property service business mainly through Vanke Property Development Co., Ltd., which always regards the first-class property service and building maintenance as the essence of running business, actively implement marketization, and provide excellent residential service for more clients. By the end of 2015, Vanke Property had near a thousand property service projects in 64 large- and medium-sized cities in mainland China, covering a contractual property management area of 210 million square meters.



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